About the Author: Rob Dimeo

Rob Dimeo BioRob Dimeo is a physicist and works at a national laboratory in Maryland. He is an inveterate doodler, an avid sketchnoter (especially of scientific content), and has taught more than 600 people how to sketchnote.

He finds himself most at home doing one of three things: talking with scientists about their research, trying not to get caught doodling at management meetings, and doing his best not to get injured playing softball with his colleagues. When not at work, Rob enjoys getting shot by his son on the paintball field, cruising in a pontoon boat on Deep Creek Lake with his wife and kids, and trying to convince his son and daughter that he CAN actually help them with their math and physics homework.

You can find a link to many of Rob’s sketchnotes on his Flickr page, and he often posts on Instagram and Twitter under the handle:  @rob_dimeo

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