About Airship

Here at Airship, we seek to provide creative tools to artists, writers, and other creatively-minded individuals to help inspire them to be more creative and productive.

We started to explore this goal by developing a great sketchbook and some useful fineliner pens. We're on the lookout for new and interesting products, so feel free to reach out.

You may also follow us on social media. Although more information about (and discounts for) our products will be provided to those on our mailing list, you will find a great community of creative people to help inspire you.

In addition to producing fine stationery, we have also seek to inspire people to create through our social media campaigns by sharing and commenting on artwork. This has numerous positive effects, which include (but are not limited to):

  • Promoting online artists and their work;
  • Encouraging those artists to continue to create; and
  • Motivating other would-be artists to create for themselves.
Intrigued? Then please explore our site and look for us on social media. We think you’ll find something to inspire you!