Jennifer Court's Ink Emphasizes Architectural Strength

Paisley Abbey by Jennifer Court

Let us admire the exquisite details that Jennifer Court (@jennifercourt_art) captured in this pen-and-ink architecture drawing of Paisley Abbey, an amazing 12th century church in Paisley, Renfrewshire, Scotland. The low angle that Jennifer chose for our view in this illustration emphasizes the strength of this Abbey, while her attention to the church's brickwork and its aged patina accentuates its grandeur. It's as if she reconstructed the building brick-by-brick and weaved its power into the ink of the picture.

It is hard not to admit that there is a sense of power that emanates from such an enduring edifice. Bear in mind that I mean this in the psychological sense. While many would claim that there is something theologically powerful in such structures, I only mean to point out that tall and strong and imposing buildings like these have a power beyond religion.

Churches and buildings like them are places where the people regularly gather together, helping them to forge links between one another and reinforce community bonds. When not attending regular service, these buildings would serve as a physical reference of those bonds, and the minds of churchgoers would subconsciously correlate that community construct within the church's construction. It is one of the reasons why civilizations have been building strong and imposing structures like this for thousands of years.

Jennifer's artwork captures that special presence, helping us to see that this building is more than a building. It is a structure of society, and Jennifer has skillfully inked the mortar that holds the parish together and the vaulted arches supports the people of the community.

Is there a building or location that helps you get through your day? Or maybe some piece of architecture that you feel holds some power over you? Let us know in the comments.


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