Buy A Notebook. Get Free Pens.

Buy Any Notebook
Get a 3-Pack of Autoquill Pens for Free.
(Limited-time only.)

How To Get Free Pens:

Step 1:  Scroll down & Click "Add to Cart" for either the AlphaSketch Notebook or the Couchdoodle Artbook. Feel free to pick whatever color or size you want.

Step 2:  Click the "Add to Cart" button under the 3-Pack of Autoquill Pens.

Step 3:  Click on that little cart button on the right side of your screen, then click the "Checkout" button at the bottom of that menu. A separate window will open up to take you through Checkout.

Step 4:  Add your shipping address & choose your shipping method. Then on the "Payment" screen enter the discount code 3PACKFREE

Step 5:  Enter your payment method and click "Pay Now" to complete your order.

If you do not add the 3-Pack, you will not get the 3 Pack.
Our Cart Robots are adorable... just not that smart...

(You are free to order more than just one notebook, of course,
but you only NEED to order a single one to get the pens.)

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